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Actualize your vision. Celebrate your creativity. Grow with your community.

The Bright Ventures Leadership Accelerator (BVLA) is a leadership development program for founders of early stage companies.



BVLA is for founders who

  • Lead early-stage ventures (Pre-Seed and Seed Stage)

  • See personal growth as a path to company growth

  • Seek to lead authentically

  • Desire sustainable success for self and others


BVLA assembles founders who have much to give and much to learn from one another. We spend  one full day together each month, and you’ll have three additional one-on-one executive coaching sessions. You also get access to investors and experienced founders and operators. Through the programming, you’ll gain confidence and clarity.  


Our time together includes leadership development and skill-building. We put you at the  center of the company-building process, and support your self-mastery. You will benefit from a highly-curated group of others who are committed to your success.

Programming includes:

  • Deep Dive Days - Six, monthly, full-day intensives with the whole cohort

  • Executive Coaching - Individual leadership coaching with a top executive coach

  • Mentorship - Stories from seasoned founders

  • Skill-Building - Targeted, hands-one help from industry experts

Outcomes are:

  • Self awareness - deeper self-knowledge, and better ability to self-manage

  • Clarity - focus, clear objectives

  • Community - feedback, support, confidentiality

  • Tools - learning and frameworks to share with the team



0.5% Equity - subject to adjustment based on company stage 



Lenore Champagne Beirne integrates best practices in management, leadership, and personal  development to drive positive transformation in people, companies, industries and communities. 

Lenore is an experienced Executive Coach with a practice focused on leadership development in early  stage venture founders. She was previously a venture capital investor and coach at 645 Ventures. Lenore  holds an MBA from NYU and undergrad business degree from American University.